Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Special Day for Dada

I love Father's Day. It is an incredibly worthy celebration and a needed one. Our Dad's need to know how important they are to us. As Isaiah grows, I am more grateful than ever for what it means that Ramin Razavi is his Dad. Isaiah will grow up understanding LOVE-unconditional and authentic, SECURITY- that he is safe in his Daddy's love, CHARACTER-who we are becoming on the inside is of paramount importance, and VULNERABILITY-when we are honest about our weakness, then we are strong. My hubby is crucial and irreplaceable to our Sonny and I am overjoyed at the gift that is to him.

To celebrate, we took him to Pizzeria Locale (one of our favorites), ate delicious food and presented him with Isaiah's "best gift (look below for the reveal!)." 
 Enjoying an Italian soda.
 Dada, taking a look at his gift.
 The anticipation for this 5 year old was too great to sit down.
 Aha! Not a tie, not a polo shirt, not a bottle of cologne...
...a LEGO Star Wars set, of course! The X-Wing Fighter.

Ramin and Isaiah had a blast building it together that afternoon. It now sits lovingly on our bedroom dresser (we've been able to maintain the boundary that it IS actually Daddy's). 


cheryl said...

This is Bryan, Cheryl and I are coming to Boulder next week and wanted to see if you all were free to get together. Next Friday (July 13th) maybe? Hope to see you brother.
516 726-0245

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